TEAM GYMNASTICS at Coppermine Fieldhouse
Girls 5+ Years


Coppermine Club Gymnastics Program Tryouts

Coppermine provides an environment where gymnasts (ages 7+) learn to compete with confidence, conviction, and enthusiasm as they strive to achieve excellence in the gym and in life.

We invite gymnasts who are looking for a well rounded, more intense team experience to tryout with us this August and take your talents to the next level with our Coppermine Club Gymnastics program! Join us:

Sunday, August 1st
10:00 am – 11:00am OR 11:00am – 12:00pm
Coppermine Fieldhouse (1400 Coppermine Terrace)

Can’t make our August 1st date? Email us to schedule an individual evaluation.

Team Program Overview

Developing excellent gymnasts, establishing lasting friendships & creating competitive teams.

Coppermine provides an environment where gymnasts learn to compete with confidence, conviction, and enthusiasm as they strive to achieve excellence in the gym and in life. We are dedicated to using the sport of gymnastics to bring out the best in our gymnasts through positive coaching techniques that promote sportsmanship and teamwork, while being safe, having fun, and working hard.

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Our current gymnasts are extremely passionate about gymnastics. They excel at the opportunity to compete against the top teams in our region. Coppermine provides an ideal environment for gymnasts who are looking for a well rounded, team experience and who are ready to take their talents to the next level.

Coppermine Gymnastics Club offers year-round programming for our gymnasts that include weekly training sessions, and USAG sanctioned competitions, working toward State and Regional Championships. This is a annual commitment (training year-round).

Opportunity to compete with us includes:


• HOT SHOTS BLUE (5-6 years, Invitation Only)
Hot Shots is an invite only class for gymnasts exhibiting exceptional form, flexibility, and strength. This class still focuses on building the fundamentals of each apparatus such as handstands, cartwheels, jumps, and pullovers at an accelerated pace. More emphasis is placed on body positioning, kinesthetic awareness, strength and flexibility to prepare our Hot Shots to move to Development or Team.

• HOT SHOTS RED (7-10 years, Invitation Only)
This invite only developmental program prepares gymnasts for future USAG competitions. Gymnasts selected must exhibit a coachable attitude, core strength, flexibility and attention to form, as we develop confident and motivated gymnasts.

• USAG COMPETITIVE LEVEL (10+ years, Invitation Only)


• COPPERMINE GYMNASTICS TEAM (7+ years, Invitation Only)
We are happy to offer two routes for competitive gymnastics through the USAG Xcel and Women’s Development Programs. Coppermine Gymnastics Team gymnasts will exhibit exceptional strength, flexibility, attitude and sportsmanship. Tryout and evaluation dates, along with additional competition information will be posted and updated on our website.

Coppermine takes pride in our coaching staff who have extensive experience competing, coaching, and developing athletes at all levels. Our coaching staff is knowledgeable and well-versed in body mechanics, nutrition, and strength and conditioning, which helps to provide the safest and best training methods for our gymnasts. All of our coaches are USAG certified.

Leotard or fitted athletic wear, no skirts. Hair must be pulled back. No jewelry (stud earrings OK).

$175 **Invitation Only**
email for more information

5-10 Years

Coppermine Fieldhouse2x/wk 1.5hrs each
$325 **Invitation Only**
email for more information

10+ Years

Coppermine Fieldhouse2x/wk 3hrs each