16 Months – 4½ Years

Preschool Gymnastics Handout

Preschool Gymnastics Overview:

• Our preschool gymnastics programs use movement to build a foundation for learning and gaining self confidence. Classes build strength, flexibility and coordination, as well as spatial awareness, language and listening skills.

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• Info:

16 Months – 4½ Years

50 Minute Classes for 6 Weeks

$108 Per Student
Plus $20 Yearly Registration Fee

Observation Weeks
Join us to see what your little one has been doing. Exact dates to be determined and will be emailed to all parents of registered participants.

Our recreational gymnastics programs take on a skill centered approach as we continue to build upon strength, coordination and kinesthetic awareness built in our preschool classes. For the child who is ready for a more accelerated class, we have the Hot Shots program that is a great transition to Developmental or higher level recreational classes.

What to Wear
Leotard or fitted athletic wear & gym slippers (slippers sold at front desk). Hair must be pulled back and no jewelry (stud earrings OK).

PLAY GYM (10-16 Months & Parent)
Tumbling on the giant trampoline plus guided activities with songs, props, bouncing, rolling, crawling expeditions and free play, allow the little one to grow and develop along the way. One parent/care giver per child is required in this class.

TINY TUMBLERS (16-36 Months & Parent)
Children develop balance, flexibility and listening skills through the introduction of simple directions, use of obstacle courses, and time on the trampoline and swing. One parent/care giver per child is required in this class.

TUMBLE TOTS (3-4½ Years)
This movement education class is an independent class that focuses on building confidence and listening skills and provides a fun, safe and challenging environment for our tiny gymnasts. Fitness and motor skills are developed through the use of obstacle courses, games and gymnastics stations.

GYM KIDS (4½-5½ Years)
This movement education class continues to strengthen skills introduced in the Tumble Tots class while introducing new challenges. Obstacle courses, gymnastics stations and the use of gymnastics apparatus, are used to create a safe and fun learning environment. We recommend this class for 4 year olds who have already mastered the Tumble Tots curriculum.

HOT SHOTS (5-6 Years, See Page 30-31, Invitation Only)
Hot Shots is an invite only class for gymnasts exhibiting exceptional form, flexibility & strength. This class focuses on building the fundamentals of each apparatus such as handstands, cartwheels, jumps & pullovers at an accelerated pace. More emphasis is placed on body positioning, kinesthetic awareness, strength & flexibility to prepare our Hot Shots to move to Developmental or our Team Program.

OPEN GYM (10 Months – 8 Years)
Open free play with the air & Tumbl Trak, squishy balls & obstacle courses. While there is an instructor on duty, this is the time for you and your little one to explore and interact together. Parent/guardian supervision is required.