RECREATIONAL GYMNASTICS at Coppermine Fieldhouse
6-17 Years

Recreational Gymnastics Handout

Program Overview

At Coppermine our coaches believe Gymnastics should be fun & educational as we provide a positive learning environment that will improve your child’s gymnastics ability, and enhance their self-confidence, strength, flexibility, coordination and work ethic.

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Join us and watch the gymnasts demonstrate their skills. Exact dates TBA.

Email for our next evaluation session.

FUTURE STARS (Co-Ed 6-8 Years)
Future Stars is a gymnastics class for the child interested and physically ready for a more progressive gymnastics course. This program transitions participants to the more challenging gymnastics equipment, as well as introducing and focusing on the basic skills needed to progress to more advanced skills.

ASTEROIDS (Boys & Girls 9-12 Years, Beginner)
This introductory class will focus on the fundamental techniques and skills needed for vault, bars, beam (girls), floor and trampoline. Boys will be introduced to the parallel bars, pommel horse and still rings. Skills covered include rolls, handstands, cartwheels, kick-overs and pullovers.

COMETS (Girls 8-12 Years, Intermediate)
Comets is an intermediate level class that will continue to build upon fundamental skills, flexibility and strength. New challenges are provided through stations, drills and sequences. Back walkovers, back handsprings, back hip circles and transitions to high bar are some of the skills covered. Skill evaluation is required for this class.

GALAXIES (Girls 8-12 Years, Advanced)
This class is for the gymnast who has mastered the skill prerequisites of Asteroids & Comets. Participants will focus on more advanced gymnastics on all apparatus, including routines, running tumbling passes, high and low bar skills, and acro and dance series on beam. Instructor recommendation or skill evaluation is required before registration.

TUMBLING I (6+ Years, Introductory)
An introductory tumbling course for those still learning or trying to master rolls, cartwheels, handstands, back bends, kickovers and round offs.

TUMBLING II (8+ Years, Intermediate, Instructor Approval Required)
An intermediate to advanced tumbling class for those who have already mastered their basics as well as round offs, front walkovers and back walkovers. This class will focus on progressions to learning back handsprings, front handsprings, running tumbling and tucks.

Teen Gymnastics incorporates trampoline, floor, bars, beam and vault for each participant’s skill level. Strength, flexibility and balance are reinforced to challenge gymnasts as they progress through skills.

DEVELOPMENT TEAM (7-10 Years, Invitation Only)
This invite only developmental program prepares gymnasts for future USAG competitions. Gymnasts selected must exhibit a coachable attitude, core strength, flexibility and attention to form, as we develop confident and motivated gymnasts.

Girls: Leotard or fitted athletic wear, no skirts.
Boys: Fitted athletic wear.
Teens: Fitted athletic wear.
All: Hair must be pulled back, no jewelry (stud earrings OK) and no jeans.