at Coppermine Fieldhouse
Boys & Girls 3-10 Years 1x Per Week

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Program Overview

Trish Chauhan is a 2nd Degree Junior Black Belt who is continuing her success in martial arts by training for her 1st Degree Senior Black Belt in Kenpo. Coach Trish specializes in teaching children of all ages and those eager to learn self-defense all while having FUN. Trish uses Martial Arts as the core basis in her teaching young children fundamental life skills such as DISCIPLINE, RESPECT, and COURAGE. Every class starts with COMMITMENT & DEDICATION and ends with FUN!

3-4 Years
Three and four year olds have TONS of energy! Our program allows children to be engaged while also learning to be attentive. Our goal is to encourage discipline, respect, and confidence in a structured and positive environment.

5-6 Years
Our instructors promote creativity, imagination, and problem solving skills in a group setting that carries over to our students school and home life. Our structured Martial Arts program allows children to explore themselves in their four core stages of development: physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually all while having a blast!

7-10 Years
Students at this age crave strong relationships while becoming more adventurous! Our program emphasizes expression, coordination, strength, determination, and encourages students to challenge themselves within their Martial Arts training.

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