LACROSSE YOUTH PROGRAMS at Coppermine Cross Keys & Du Burns Arena
Boys & Girls 2-5 Years

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Program Overview

Coppermine is thrilled to make learning lacrosse simple, safe, and fun with the Little Lacrosse Academy. This fun, high-energy co-ed lacrosse program aims to bolster your child’s overall growth and development (physical, cognitive, social) while building a love for the sport of lacrosse.

2-3½ Years (Parent & Child)
Learn the FUNdamentals of lacrosse! Tiny Tots is an ideal next step for Little Lacrosse Academy veterans or an introductory class for new players who are not yet ready for the independence required of Fiddlesticks. This high-energy class introduces children and their parents to organized games that develop the concept of teamwork and build fundamental social, cognitive, and physical skills in a fun and positive environment.

3-4 Years
Establishing independence in play is a key component of Fiddlesticks. Children who are ready to be on the field without a parent, thrive in this class. Over the course of a session, children will master movement (with and without the ball), develop agility, improve their cradle, master a groundball pickup, explore passing and catching; all which fosters an understanding of teamwork while having fun.

4-5 Years
These fast-paced, team-oriented “practices” are an ideal introduction to the more structured world of organized youth lacrosse but provide the same fun and nurturing concepts the Little Lacrosse Academy prides itself on. While lacrosse fundamentals will continue to be a major focus, cultivating a sense of team and fostering cooperation will be a point of emphasis.

As the session progresses, children are given the opportunity to practice these skills in more one-ball oriented activities, (“Team Play”). Team Play is non-competitive and teaches Laxaroos the value of effort, teamwork, and good sportsmanship.

All participants in parent/child classes are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing and athletic (closed-toe) footwear.

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