at Coppermine Fieldhouse, Cross Keys & Du Burns Arena
Boys & Girls 1½ – 4 years

Lil' Kickers Soccer Handout

Program Overview

Coppermine is thrilled to make learning soccer simple, safe, and fun with Lil’ Kickers. Our high-energy co-ed youth soccer classes build self-esteem and confidence based on a proven child development curriculum.

18 – 24 Months (Parent/Child)
Bunnies is a fun introduction to the Lil’ Kickers program but is not a required starting point. Together, toddlers and parents explore basic soccer and movement skills. Activities with bubbles, parachutes, cones and other sensory materials build skills for balance, coordination, running, kicking, and changing directions, all of which are building blocks needed for playing soccer!

25 – 35 Months (Parent/Child)
Kick it with us! Together, toddlers and parents play organized games to build self-esteem and confidence while developing listening skills. Thumpers further build core movements like balance, coordination, and timing, which are skills necessary for mastering a soccer ball. Thumpers is a perfect introduction to Lil’ Kickers for new players who are just barely three years old.

2½ – 3½ Years (Parent/Child)
This class is designed for children who are ready for more of a challenge, but who are not quite ready to be on the field without a parent/guardian. Cottontails offers a fun and engaging environment where children can build fundamental skills such as balance, coordination, and ball skills while having fun.

3 – 4 Years
Three and four year-olds are exposed to the most popular sport in the world in this fun and fast-paced class. Hoppers focuses on foot-eye coordination, dribbling, scoring, and balance. Creative storylines and animated coaches keep kids engaged, having fun, and creates teammates who are coachable and eager to learn.

All participants in parent/child classes are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing and athletic (closed-toe) footwear.