ART CLASSES at Coppermine Fieldhouse
Youth & Adults

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2019/2020 Season Calendar

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Program Overview:

Winter A: Nov 30 – Jan 17
Winter B: Jan 18 – Mar 4
Spring A: Feb 29 – April 17
Spring B: April 18 – June 1

This program is run by Mitchell School of Fine Arts
Director: Trevor Twist,, 410-274-6652

MINI-MASTERS (3-5 Years & Parent)
Children learn to express themselves beyond words using a diverse range of art techniques, including painting, print making, design, and sculpture. The program is an immersive, hands-on experience that nurtures curiosity and provides the building blocks for a child’s imagination.

MASTERS (6-9 Years)
This class focuses on the core elements of artistic expression including how to draw and explore artistic concepts such as positive and negative space, contour, and measurement, while learning to draw geometric shapes, animals, and flowers, among other subjects. This class is sure to foster any young artist’s curiosity and enthusiasm.

A staple of the Mitchell School of Fine Arts this class provides a classic approach to learning the fundamentals and focuses on the core elements including how to draw and paint in a variety of mediums, drawing basic shapes, positive and negative space, contour and measurement, all while learning about various artists throughout history. Artistic Development is the perfect place to start a portfolio or break new ground in artistic study. Projects and instruction are tailored to individual levels of experience and skill.

Students explore both traditional and contemporary concepts using a range of mediums and a variety of subject matter including animals, portraiture, still life, master copies, and landscape. Our teaching methods are derived from classical and modern concepts that equip artists of all levels of experience with the skills, passion, and confidence to elevate their work.

Paint Night for Adults (18+ Years)
Painting or drawing for adults who want to make art with professional level instruction and feedback in a fun, laid back, positive setting. Mediums include watercolor, oil, acrylic, and pastel paints, or experiment with a variety of drawing mediums, such as pencil, pen & ink, colored pencils, and crayons.

Watercolor and Drawing for Adults (18+ Years)
The class provides an open creative session with an emphasis on watercolor and drawing. Participants receive personalized instruction tailored to their individual work, while also learning from class demonstrations in a range of mediums. This is a great atmosphere to build a personal portfolio while improving artistic versatility and expression.

Classical Drawing & Painting for Adults (18+ Years)
Classical drawing and painting, a staple of the Mitchell School curriculum, serves as a gateway to the fundamental skills of artistic craftsmanship for the curious student, whether the student is a beginner, advanced or somewhere in between. Students learn how to break down the foundational aspects of drawing into its most essential elements, discovering how a simple sketch provides the first step towards all great works of art. As the longest running course in Mitchell School history, this class is continually refreshed to ensure curriculum is consistently relevant and always original. Mediums include, charcoal, graphite, sanguine, pen and ink, and watercolor.